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The goals of each level

The pathway for leaning the BodyCode® System includes both theoretical and practical training. The final goals of each level are:

- To learn the principles of the BodyCode® System by means of a progressive and systematic approach.
- To learn the correct use of the equipment and carrying out of the relative exercises for achieving results with all types of client.
To perfect the communication skills necessary for teaching the method correctly.
- To perfect the communication skills necessary for teaching the method correctly.

The outstanding factor of the BodyCode® System teaching method is that each person enrolled with be able to alternatively experience being a teacher, a student, and an observer. This approach guarantees the best possible way to understand the theory and learn the practice with lessons on the individual devices.

Program of the training courses

Depending on the level of each training course, the participants will learn and analyze the following, irrespective of the use they intend making of the same: – Anatomy and general biomechanics, principles of the BodyCode®, history of the method and main benefits. – Conversion of the postural analysis into a personalized work program tailored to the needs of each client, via use of the repertory of exercises according to the training level. – Development of the skills for teaching the method, via verbal and tactile communication, positions, maneuvers, demonstrations, tone of the voice, rhythm of the lesson, mental visualizations, setting of the lesson (lighting, music, essential oils) – Massage notions. – Breathing techniques. – Processing of specific programs for general and rehabilitative training at the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. – Basic notions of management and organization of a Body Code centre. – Instructions for maintenance of the equipment.

Attendance certificate

At the end of each level of training, irrespective of the attendance method chosen, participants will undergo a short theoretical and practical exam for ascertaining the knowledge acquired, and a certificate will be issued qualifying the teaching. In order to enroll in the next level a period of at least 40 hours must elapse in order to allow students to absorb the studies and teaching practice.


The workshops are designed to give participants an idea of ​​the effects that, through the use of special equipments, the Bodycode System produces, touching various aspects such as:

strength, endurance, flexibility, joint mobility, coordination, balance, concentration, conscious use of breath constantly stimulating the proprioceptive abilities of the person.

The deep and intense physical activity that comes from the use of tools during the workshop is skillfully dosed by certified instructors depending on the participants’ level of preparation and is designed to bring totally new and exciting body experience, able to bring out physical criticality of each individual.

The workshops outside our premises are held on weekends with the equipment  Master Stretch and Elvis The BodyKey (for schools that do not have, we supply them) and each lesson lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes. The number of participants established for each lesson is 20 people and the minimum number of lessons for each day is 2 lessons.

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Who the professional BodyCode® System training courses are designed for

The BodyCode® System training courses, which are structured in a flexible manner, gradually introduce the principles and techniques of this method according to the nstructions of the founder of the method, Pino Carbone. The training program targets all those who wish to acquire the professional qualification of instructor and new job possibilities in the non-conventional physical discipline sector, as well as all those wanting to increase their knowledge in this sector. Designed to offer complete professional training, the courses are split into three training levels: 1st level (basic), 2nd level (intermediate), 3rd level (advanced); the course will be carried out during the weekend in order to allow all those who work to attend.


1. To join the course participants must have a basic knowledge of anatomy and/or biomechanics, or the equivalent.
2. To join the 2nd level (intermediate) and 3rd level (advanced), participants must have already obtained the 1st level (basic) certificate and have accrued sufficient and ascertainable teaching practice.
Requests for registration must be received by and no later than 15 days before the date of the start of the course. Acceptance will be assessed on the basis of the résumés.
Registration requests must be received no later than 15 days before the course start date. Acceptance will be valid based on the curriculum.

Structure of the BodyCode® System training courses

The BodyCode® System training courses are designed in a flexible manner in order to meet the various professional qualification needs of those taking part. The study pathway is structured on three levels of analysis of the method 1st level (basic), 2nd level (intermediate), and 3rd level (advanced).


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