“Until recently, the dancers were training without integrating specific equipment that would help them to prevent injuries, strengthen joints and rebalance the body. Today, thanks to the advent of new technologies in the field of dance and to the interest of the medical industry, most of us dancers can take advantage of information and specialized assistance necessary to guarantee us a long and healthy career. I use the BodyCode System equipment for several years and I am fully satisfied and I am sure all the dancers who wish to upgrade their skills will benefit in these innovative equipment.”
Roberto Bolle International Etoile of Dance
“The BodyCode System can improve the dancer's technique and prevent injuries, increase and prolong their careers. The Boston Ballet Company is pleased to use BodyCode System equipment to improve the biomechanics condition of our dancers.”
Mikko Nissinen Artistic Director of Boston Ballet
“I think Elvis is a talented, versatile and handy device for all kinds of people. I especially like the fact that it can be used both to get relief from the annoying back pain, both to increase the strength and stability of the spine thus helping to prevent their return. I think his potential in correcting the position of the body, both in the presence of a rigid spine that very flexible, it is really brilliant. All the benefits and strengths that one can find in a good Yoga class, can be found in Elvis ...”
Hilary Cartwright Gyrotonic, dance and yoga for dancers Teacher
“I'm using the BodyCode System equipment for many years with great benefits. ``
Alessio Carbone First Dancer at Opera de Paris
``The Pro-Arch can be used alone or as a complement to MasterStretch. Given the characteristics of use, the Pro-Arch become an extremely useful device in all those sports that require flexible and strong ankles and feet as well as having in itself an undeniable aesthetic value. My experience with the use of Pro-Arch convinced me about its usefulness and suggest both the amateur athlete to professional. ``
Elio Dr. Musco Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and Gerontologist
``... From the traditional Chinese medicine point of view, the concentration on a body part and the sensory stimulus increase the flow of energy in that area, and as a consequence also improves the circulation of the blood. The use of MasterStretch therefore helps to improve the energy and blood flow in lower limb. ... It may assign other important roles to MasterStretch as for example the prevention of traumas, since it is known that strong, elastic and flexible tendons have a greater resistance to stress even more intense. ``
Karl Dr. Zippelius Specialist in Sports Medicine and Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine
“…The exercises with MasterStretch represent a unique concept, both in treatment and in prevention. They provide the venues as a measure of support and completion in physiotherapy treatments. In sports as in dance, MasterStretch offers optimum opportunity to prepare both to jump and in the running allowing also to improve the implementation of specific movements to the various sports activities.``
Harald Dr. Buck Specialist in sports traumatology and physiotherapy treatments, BodyCode System and Gyrotonic teacher
``The BodyCode System devices have proved particularly interesting because they allow a wide range of exercises, starting from the fundamental movements specifically designed to make joints more flexible, until you get to those to strengthen the muscles. At the same time the BodyCode System helps you to improve your posture, thanks to reverse of hyperlordosis and kyphosis of the spine.``
Anthony Dr. McDougal Chiropractor
“I believe that the Bodycode method is very efficient thanks to the use of special devices, carefully studied. For example, Elvis is a definitely original and innovative device that, in addition to having a future use in the gym for performing various exercises in common the purpose of developing the movement capability of the lumbosacral junction associating at the same time the reinforcement of the supporting musculature, it can definitely be called an ``ergonomic object`` for the prevention of back pain.``
Ubaldo Dr. Garagiola Orthopedic, Specialist in Sports Medicine
“... Yesterday I had the opportunity to examine the patient that I sent in my clinic and I must say I was really surprised to see the excellent condition of both the knees and the leg muscles. We also did a strength test on isokinetic machine noting that the muscle function of the operated leg. Comparing these results with previous tests, the latter are very encouraging. ... Regarding my experiences I am more than convinced that the methodology applied by Pino Carbone, is superior to any type of rehabilitation known to date.``
Jurgen Dr. Toft Founder and Director of the Alpha Klinik in Monaco of Bavaria, specialist in knee surgery
``When I first arrived at Il Vortice, Pino Carbone has immediately been able to identify physical problems and bad habits in my life as a dancer that in the future could lead to serious injuries. He has been able to explain how to work with my body to improve my technique, like realign it in the event of imbalance and how relax him before and after my daily training. The most important thing, got me back the hope to improve and to be able to overcome my limits. Thanks so much .``

Alessandra Spada Professional Dancer