Mental attitude in sport and dance: limit or resource?

What distinguishes a simple fan from a champion of sport or dance?

The difference between a talented amateur and a winning professional is contained in the mental approach to performance. A mental attitude inclined towards continuous improvement represents a view on what allows an athlete and a dancer to excel.

What makes the difference is the predisposition to change, because competing in your sport is an opportunity to develop yourself, to learn from your victories and above all from your failures. Identifying and working on their own areas for improvement leads the athlete and the dancer to update themselves continuously and search for new methodologies.

The importance of continuous training takes on a strategic value for instructors, for offer methodological and didactic elements to broaden knowledge, deepen the study of the anatomical and functional body and improve the way students work.

Being a trainer means taking a step back, choosing to continue training, to take two steps forward.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could move your limit a little further? What could you do? What goals could you achieve? Broaden your horizons!

Learn how to identify and work on your areas for improvement with Bodycode System method.

Bodycode system was created with the aim of offering anyone who desires the tools to get to know yourself and your body, preparing you at the same time for the prevention of injuries, prolonging the athletic career of the athlete and the dancer.

For about 30 years, the BodyCode System, in addition to being a complementary method to dance and athlete for improving technique and aesthetics, has also been used by the most sedentary for the rehabilitation and correction of incorrect postures that cause physical problems and pains.

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