A method based on solid principles

At the base of the method we have the knowledge of the osteo-articular system, the biomechanical laws, the new conception of movement and the use of particular equipment.
Far from the current approaches to physical training and much more than a simple exercise program to perform with equipment, the BodyCode® System is the method for evaluating and correcting motor patterns.
Pino Carbone l’ha ideato negli anni ’90, e collaudato per vent’anni nel campo dell’allenamento professionale di atleti e ballerini oltre che nel settore delle attività motorie e rieducative.

How does the body move?

All the movements, coordinated and controlled by the nervous system, are realised in the skeletal structures, which are as the whole myofascial-skeletal system. The muscles and tendons set the bones in motion with the cartilages and ligaments controlling articulation. The rest of the body owes its solid form to nothing more than the tension set up in the fasciae, or connective tissues, allowing the body to assume its various shapes as it carries out different movements.

What happens if the movement isn’t correct?

Every change of position in the skeletal structures in one extremity of the body has an effect on the other extremity, as such actions are governed by the laws of biomechanics, which mirror the laws of physics. If joints cannot articulate correctly there are repercussions in the connective tissue, with on-going effects, since the erect posture of human beings requires constant and extremely delicate adjustment of movements to maintain balance. The muscles and fasciae suffer permanent stress, the functioning of other joints is affected, and thus we risk entering the sphere of pathology.

How does the BodyCode System® work?

The BodyCodeSystem®, with its careful study of myofascial-skeletal imbalances and resulting compensatory effects, is able to act in a way that takes in the totality of the structure, restoring its balance.
The BodyCodeSystem® has its theoretical roots in oriental traditions which, like acupuncture, yoga, Qigong and Feng Shui, are not limited to the physical body but have wide-ranging beneficial effects on the psychological well-being of the individual.
Many think they know perfectly the organization of the skeleton without being judicious, that the anatomy and physiology of the joints hides a functional reality that connects to the totality of our body.
The BodyCodeSystem® tells us that the path to good health cannot be found by looking at anatomy and physiology alone, but that motor action is a determining factor. This is why all BodyCodeSystem® instructors are movement experts, who understand its full potential and are capable of decoding the complex movement patterns of each individual. This enables them to modify these movement patterns by means of specific exercise programmes that, as they correct and improve movement, result in improved functioning of the whole body