What is Bodycode System®?

BodyCode System® is the psychophysical discipline created by the master Pino Carbone. A method that helps to discover the potential of the body, improving its familiarity and physical performance.

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BodyCode System® is more than just an exercise program. It is a philosophy of life.

Improving body awareness means obtaining concrete benefits, both physical and psychological.

Our method guarantees results, such as:

Our conception of the body and movement

The concept of movement BodyCode System® is based on the principles of dance, yoga, tai chi and medical sciences, which have been “translated” and integrated into a new form that makes this discipline unique, reliable and suitable for every person.

The general foundations of the BodyCode System® are:


The latter is aimed at concentration, balance, coordination, but also breathing. Just breathing is a fundamental element of the BodyCode System®, because if done correctly it saves energy because it allows you to oxygenate the tissues much more quickly . Furthermore, it contributes to a better simultaneous mind-body coordination and allows people to focus their energy on specific parts of the body, improving rhythmic movements. . 

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The Bodycode System® method is also based on the use of original equipment, created and patented by Master Pino Carbone.

Pegasus®, Geometrix®, Pro Arch®, Elvis®, MasterStretch®, Sculptor®, Dance Ruler®. Each piece of equipment has been designed to maximize the body’s potential and perform the movements correctly.

Discover the equipment that best suits your goals.

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Who has tried Bodycode System®

Internationally renowned professionals have been choosing our method to take care of themselves and enhance motor performance for years.