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Wellness: learning about your body to live better

With the Bodycode System method we can understand and know our body in a conscious way to achieve well-being.

Always go to the max! This is the input of the modern world.

The fast-paced rhythms promote anxiety and stress which, of course, spill over into all aspects of our life.

The worries of daily life, professional commitment, the role of parents, of workers shift our attention to what happens outside us, distracting us from the messages that our body is manifesting.

Overcoming this state of daily unconsciousness in which most of us are immersed enables us to really observe what happens to us, to feel our need and our condition.

Movement is life. Without movement, life is unthinkable. It is a fundamental principle for a healthy and balanced life. The same principle applies to the breath.

We all breathe. Breathing is a vital function, without it we would not be here. But we are used to ignoring it, to take it for granted and so we find ourselves breathing badly.

Breathing is a part of the body like movement, when you breathe consciously even for a few minutes the body calms down and regains energy. It is a tool that allows you to rest, rebalance and recharge the batteries of the mind as well.

Exploring within oneself is therefore an essential undertaking in order to initiate a mature and conscious evolution.

With the help of the practices of knowing one’s own body, it is also possible to free repressed emotions and open awareness to the inner dimension of us and to the deepest feelings, consequently also re-harmonizing the relationship with others.

Learning to manage your potential and resources means having that extra gear that allows us to start a change. It means practicing conscious attention and starting to understand that we can choose. Choose to stop and relax or to run.

The awareness of our body and its movement allows us to discover the pleasure and beauty of the harmony that resides in us and which is the true joy of living.

The Bodycode System helps us to conquer this awareness, because each individual becomes an explorer of himself.

Like dance, tai-chi or yoga, the Bodycode System is born from the deep knowledge of the human body and its real static and dynamic potential.

Through the study of deep breathing and the correct use of special equipment, the Bodycode method allows you to identify your limits and overcome them safely.

Undertaking the Bodycode System course of study means discovering, analyzing, memorizing all the emotions and sensations that every physical movement generates over time.

Only the knowledge of these elements leads to a conscious and intimate relationship with oneself.

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