BodyCode System® Shipping Policy

BodyCode System® is a global brand with offices around the world. We are widely represented in Europe, Asia and America.

Shipping costs are charged to the Customer and are explicitly highlighted at the time the order is placed.

The goods are generally delivered to the postal carrier on the working day following receipt of the order. Shipping times usually range from three to five working days.

BodyCode System® Logistics Services and Benefit


Each shipment, of whatever type, is accompanied by a Tracking Number.


A dedicated support team is available if you have any queries regarding the shipping costs of your order.


Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the Customer is required to check that the packaging is neither opened, damaged, wet nor otherwise altered.

Any external damage or any other anomaly must be immediately reported to the courier/post office that made the delivery. You are also required to promptly notify BodyCode System by email at Once the courier’s document has been signed, the Customer will not be able to complain with regard to the external characteristics of the delivered goods.

Important notice for international shipments

Please note: in some countries you may be required to pay customs fees. If these costs are not paid when the order arrives, the packages will be automatically returned to our warehouse.

BODYCODE SYSTEM® in any case

  • Will not be liable for these costs
  • Will not reimburse a customer who has refused to bear these costs. Customs duties and all taxes and associated costs will be borne in full by the Customer

These costs must be covered by the Customer and paid to the shipping company or customs agency upon arrival or receipt of the goods.

Our account details

  • Header: BodyCode SRL
  • Address: Via Lambertesca, 16 – 50122 Florence Italy
  • IBAN: IT 51 O 08425 02803 000031079379  (Gentilmente fare attenzione al quinto carattere del codice IBAN : e’ la lettera O)
  • Bank: Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Cambiano
  • Bank address: Filiale 3 Agenzia 16 Via Maggio, 84/r 50125– Firenze Italy
  • SWIFT: CRACIT33 ( c r a c i t 3 3 )


The PayPal account is