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Sculptor is the sculptor of the buttocks and the inner thigh. It’s a travel gym measuring just 12 inches, foolproof for the Kegel exercise program.


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Firms and sculpts the buttocks and inner thighs, tones the muscles of the chest and arms. It is a tool capable of toning 6 muscle groups with 11 mild resistance exercises. Have you ever seen those big bulky home gyms, with dozens of exercise machines and exorbitant costs? No more need, the Sculptor adapts to the size of your handbag, offers 11 exercises and costs less than a month in the gym. It is a real portable gym of only 30 cm.

Sculptor is a training tool, designed specifically to strengthen the inner thighs (adductors) and buttocks (buttocks and psoas), using a slight resistance in the spring. It also strengthens the muscles of the back, arms, lower abdominals and chest. Video with exercises included.

The 6 muscle groups strengthened by the Sculptor are:

1. inner thigh (adductors);
2. pelvic floor;
3. muscles of the pelvis (buttocks, psoas, and pubococcygeus);
4. arm muscles (biceps, triceps, forearms);
5. back muscles (dorsals);
6. pectoral muscles.

Additional information: Strengthen the pubococcygeal muscles with Kegel exercises.
Red. Weight: 1,5 kg. Dimensions: 28 cm x 6 cm x 27 cm.


The tutorials are an extraordinary tool for training with exercises aimed at enhancing physical and technical skills thanks to Bodycode tools. The video tutorial will be available for 15 days.


SCULPTOR: Lessons, video tutorials, instagram live.
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Weight1.5 kg
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