“The art of motor rehabilitation” – Prevent injuries by aligning and rebalancing the musculoskeletal system

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Pegasus® offers the possibility of carrying out a vast program of exercises (over 500) for sport, dance, yoga and many other disciplines. Furthermore, its refined design gives an artistic touch in the field of physiotherapeutic equipment. Pegasus® is a complete, innovative and efficient tool, designed for re-education, preventive and therapeutic purposes. Thanks to its artistic and sinuous design, in metal and wood, its versatility and its numerous accessories, Pegasus® allows you to perform a countless range of exercises to improve the biomechanics of the body, proprioception, coordination, strength and flexibility. The exercises performed on Pegasus® allow to obtain the elongation not only of the single muscles, but also of the tendons and of the whole complex neuro-muscular fascia.

This leads to a progressive improvement in the mobility of the whole body. Strengthening the synergistic-antigravity muscles and improving coordination leads to muscle stabilization, which helps prevent many spinal problems. Through the execution of proprioceptive movements it is possible to achieve a better muscular awareness, which represents the neurophysiological basis for acquiring a correct and natural posture of the body. Pegasus® allows you to stretch both single muscle and multiple muscle groups. It is possible to perform both isometric and dynamic stretching exercises, as well as one-dimensional or multidimensional exercises, which involve one or more muscle groups. Pegasus® offers many support surfaces, designed to reduce the pressure on the spine that allow you to perform rotation, flexion and extension exercises with a wide range of motion. Thanks to the Bodycode method, from which Pegasus® was born, and the importance it places on the correct execution of the exercises and the different breathing techniques, lung capacity and lymphatic and circulatory systems can be improved.

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Pegasus® can only be purchased after a Training Course: for more information contact us or call 3345867908.

Dimensions 250 × 100 × 230 cm Color White, Black

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