PDAR Set: Muscle massage roller

Relieve muscle tension and reactivate deep muscles.

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The PDAR Set can only be purchased by those who have acquired any level of PDAR training.
These tools are essential to accompany teachers in the PDAR path and obtain numerous benefits, such as:

1) Increase the perception of the muscles of the pelvis, trunk and neck
2) Become aware and realign the bone-joint structures
3) Reactivate the deep muscles of the pelvic floor, torso and shoulder girdle
4) Increase the proprioception of the spine
5) Harmonize the activity of the small paravertebral deep musculature
6) Reduce the tension of rigid and deformed districts
7) Improve the neuro-vegetative balance
8) Acquire a greater perception of the geometry of your body

The set includes: Two massaged balls A semi-soft ball

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