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The PDAR Set is available for purchase only by those who have acquired any level of PDAR training. The BodyCode System with the PDAR method promotes a process of awareness of the person and one’s posture and activates the mechanisms of self-correction. A particular importance in the practice of PDAR is given by concentration, awareness and breathing, as the neuro-vegetative system finds benefits through the balancing of the inhalation and exhalation phases and the control of the apnea phases. The more harmonious and conscious management of the breath will greatly help in the control of emotions by improving perception, control and postural attitude, especially in conditions of stress.

The set includes:

A wood roller for implant massage
Two massaged balls A semi-soft ball

To complete the kit, the roller to massage the legs (not available at the moment)

Weight 7 kg Dimensions 100 × 31 × 32 cm

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Weight3 kg
Dimensions100 × 31 × 32 cm
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