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Stretch the muscles of the legs, back, calves and ankles by doing a full body stretch in just 15 minutes of training


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MasterStretch® is a tool that is applied to trainers and allows you to perform a large number of exercises based on the rocking movement of the ankle. MasterStretch® makes stretching dynamic and fun for everyone, it is suitable for the elderly, sedentary people, dancers, athletes, sports trainers and physiotherapists. Thanks to these patented overhead shoes the training time is reduced from 60 to 15 minutes. It improves balance and coordination by shifting the weight of the body back and forth. Stretches, relaxes and strengthens the muscles and tendons of the legs and back. It reduces muscle cramps, strains, tendonitis and back pain.

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MasterStretch is shaped like a pair of shoes with a hemispherical sole that allows you to gently swing your ankles, from heels to toes. This rocking movement stretches, stretches and strengthens the muscles and tendons of the legs and back. In particular, it strengthens the dorsal and plantar flexion, moving the center of gravity back and forth. For all those sports that require flexibility and balance such as soccer, basketball, tennis, football and dance, MasterStretch helps reduce muscle cramps, strains, tendonitis and back pain. It trains the brain and the muscular path (neuromuscular system) to regulate and balance posture both during movement and in a static position.

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