Elvis The Body Key®

Elvis The Bodykey reduces training time by 75% with effective gravitational physical endurance exercises.

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Multifunctional, small and versatile, Elvis “The BodyKey” is an original and innovative tool designed to produce a proprioceptive action capable of promoting greater perception of the body. Through a specific program of both static and dynamic exercises, aimed at stabilizing and mobilizing all joint segments, Elvis “The BodyKey” ® involves the entire musculoskeletal system, improving strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, rhythm, balance and proprioception.

Suitable both for professionals in the sport of dance and yoga and for ordinary people who want to exercise in a healthy and pleasant way, Elvis “The BodyKey” ® also allows sedentary subjects to practice a movement that helps prevent the progressive and physiological stiffening of the lumbosacral junction, an inevitable consequence of aging. Prevent back pain Being able to stabilize the lower back and restore adequate mobility has proved to be one of the best ways to maintain a healthy spine by eliminating chronic pain and thus avoiding even very acute attacks.

By starting a training session with Elvis you will eliminate the vicious circle of “I have aches back and I can’t move and if I don’t move my back pain won’t go away! ” Small and “transportable” One of the features that makes Elvis so innovative is its small size, which makes it a tool with a minimum footprint and this allows you not only to use it at home or at work, but also to take it with you while traveling. The ability to use Elvis “The BodyKey” ® at any time of the day, even in a short break from work, allows you to easily integrate healthy physical activity into everyday reality. Elvis “The BodyKey” ® thanks to the force of gravity, which acts as resistance, allows you to obtain more toned, stronger muscles and flexible joints. Thanks to its small size, Elvis “The BodyKey” ® can be easily transported and used on vacation, at home, in the office and in the gym.

With Elvis “The BodyKey” ® you will get:

• Improvement of posture
• Stronger abdominal muscles
• Improvement of: rhythm, balance, coordination, proprioception
• Stabilization exercises for: ankles, knee, pelvis and back
• Mobilization exercises for all joints

Black colour. Weight: 2.5 kg. Dimensions: 38 x 36 x 18 cm.e with Elvis the BodyKey® through gradual exercises.
If you can sit, lie on your back or on your stomach, you can use Elvis

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