Dance Ruler®

Postural alignment system for Classical Dance.

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Dance Ruler® is a device designed to improve postural alignment and positioning of the dancer and establish a correct perception of posture. In addition to having an educational function, Dance Ruler® allows you to reduce the margins of error during the execution of Ballet exercises such as: the first position, the second position, the plie, the grand plie in first and second position , the lateral tendù, the sur le cou de pied, the passè, the relevé, the jetèparterre to the second and more.

Dance Ruler® is equipped with a channel adjustable in width, which allows each dancer to be able to customize it according to the size of the foot and the rotation of the hips. Thanks to the supplied spring and belt it is possible to correct the antero-version of the pelvis and reduce lumbar hyperlordosis, improving vertebral alignment.

With the use of straps and tension springs, it is possible to control the movements of the legs, improve the position of the knees and reduce the margin of error of over-pronation of the ankles.

Dance Ruler® can only be purchased after a Training Course: for more information contact us or call 3345867908.

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