Payment methods

Orders can be paid by credit card, Postepay, Paypal or Bank Transfer. Regular invoices will be issued once each order is finalised.

Payment reminder

Which payment method have you chosen to pay for your order?

If you receive a payment reminder, this means that we were unable to process the order amount directly from your card.

If this is a prepaid card and, after having received the payment reminder, you have recharged the card with the necessary amount, unfortunately it will no longer be possible to make a new withdrawal, but a payment by bank transfer will have to be made.

I cancelled the order. Why did you charge me?

If you have returned the goods after the debit date, the amount will be debited and then refunded upon receipt of the returned goods.


Once you proceed to “Payment”, phase click on PayPal.

If you already have a PayPal account, enter your PayPal username and password and confirm payment.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can create a new one using your credit/ prepaid card. In this case just select the type of card, fill in the necessary data and confirm the payment.

Bank Transfer

By choosing this method of payment, you must follow the following procedure after you have placed your order:
  • The bank transfer must be made within 3 working days of placing the order (otherwise the order will be cancelled)
  • The motive of the bank transfer must indicate: the number and date of the order, the name and surname of the sender.
  • The credit value date for the recipient will be the same as the execution date
The bank transfer must be made to the following account:
  • Header: BodyCode SRL
  • Address: Via Lambertesca, 16 – 50122 Firenze Italy
  • IBAN: IT 51 O 08425 02803 000031079379  (Gentilmente fare attenzione al quinto carattere del codice IBAN : e’ la lettera O)
  • Bank: Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Cambiano
  • Branch address: Filiale 3 Agenzia 16 Via Maggio, 84/r 50125– Firenze Italy
  • SWIFT: CRACIT33 ( c r a c i t 3 3 )

Your order will be considered as confirmed and processed only after receipt of the transferred amount.

To speed up the processing time of your order you can send the bank transfer slip by e-mail to

Credit Card


You can use your credit card Mastercard, Visa, Postepay, American Express, Discover or Diners Club and all other major credit and prepaid cards.

Your card will only be charged when the order is shipped.



If you return one or more items in your order the corresponding amount will be credited to the card or account associated with it.


Your card data are processed through the security system SSL.
When you place your order, an authentication procedure will be used and you will be redirected to your bank’s web page. To complete the order, follow the required steps.
Thanks to this security standard you can place your orders in complete safety

Do you want to delete or change your credit card details?

In case you want to pay with a credit card other than the one used for your last purchase, you can change your details when you place your new order.