How to become a Master Teacher

Why become a master teacher of the Bodycode System® method?

The advantages:
  • 1 You will obtain the prestigious title of international value, expand your certifications and professional knowledge and become part of the selected group of Master Teacher Bodycode System.
  • 2 You will acquire the skills and official qualification directly from the Founder of the Bodycode System method to train first, second and third level teachers and you will follow them throughout the training path by issuing official certifications that will have your signature as a Master Teacher and that of the Founder of the method.
  • 3 The close collaboration with the Bodycode System Main Center will support you in developing your new business and will allow you to acquire entrepreneurial skills, putting the brand's thirty years of experience in the sector at your disposal.
  • 4 You will have a quick economic return on your investment and you will expand your economic potential.
  • 5 The teachers you have trained will be an excellent user base for developing your business and proposing new future courses.
  • 6 You will be a new point of reference for all new professionals who want to know, practice and acquire the Bodycode System certification
  • 7 You will get discounts on Bodycode System training courses, upgrades and equipment
  • 8 You will always be updated (before anyone else) on new training programs, projects and Bodycode System news, through a preferential channel.
  • 9 You will have the exclusive opportunity to attend the lessons held by the Founder Maestro Pino Carbone or by other Master Teachers with long professional experience.
  • 10 To make yourself known and promote your business, as a Master Teacher, you will be invited as a guest to take part in courses, seminars, online interviews on the official Bodycode System channels.
  • 11 There is the possibility for Master Teachers to include video lessons / courses in the official Bodycode System e-commerce, subject to approval by the Main Center.

Who can obtain the title of Master Teacher?

The Bodycode System is a method of evaluating and correcting motor patterns designed to enhance, through specific coded exercise programs, all the capabilities of the human body.

The professional training courses are diversified and addressed to specific sectors and are aimed at dance teachers, coaches, personal trainers, physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors.

To be able to acquire the title of Master Teacher

The Master Teacher must be able to apply the Bodycode method in the following fields:
  • Postural and motor re-education
  • Post traumatic rehabilitation
  • Trattamento di algie muscolo articolari
  • Treatment of joint muscle pain
  • Athletic preparation aimed at physical activity
  • Motor warming
  • Respiratory activity

How to obtain the title of Master Teacher?

To become a Master Teacher of one of the seven methodologies that make up the Bodycode System and the use of the related tool, the teacher concerned must:
  • Have successfully obtained the first, second and third level certifications of the method for which you want to become a Master Teacher
  • Have the ability to organize training courses, seminars and Master Classes and provide continuous assistance to new teachers certified by him
  • In order to obtain the official certification, the Master Teacher candidate must take part as assistant to the Founder Maestro P. Carbone in three training courses held by him or by another Master Teacher indicated by him
  • Pass the final exam held by the Founder Maestro P. Carbone, in which the candidate must demonstrate that he has learned the method in all its aspects and be able to apply it successfully

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