In this Video Tutorial you will learn:

• How to use the ProArch correctly;

• How to improve the mobility and strength of the ankle;

• How to improve the instep:

• How to improve the sensitivity and support of the foot on the ground.

The video tutorials offer the possibility of increasing the knowledge and potential of our body while remaining in the comfort of your own home. The seminars aim to introduce the participants basic concepts of the BodyCode System, touching on various aspects such as: strength, endurance, elasticity, joint mobility, coordination, balance, concentration, conscious use of breath and proprioceptive capacity of the person. The exercise program shown in the seminars do not require special equipment and can be carried out in small rooms.

The video tutorial is held by the dancer Joy Womack under the supervision of Maestro Pino Carbone, founder of the Bodycode System. Joy Womack is an American ballet dancer. She is the first American women to graduate from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy’s main training program with a red diploma, and the second American woman to sign a contract with the Bolshoi Ballet. She was a principal dancer with the Universal Ballet and Kremlin Ballet, and is currently a prima ballerina at the Astrakhan Opera and Ballet Theater.

The video will remain available for 5 days after purchase.


The training video tutorial is aimed at anyone who has purchased a ProArch and wants to improve and perfect its use.

There is no certificate of participation.

The ankle has a complex system of ligaments. The ankle is the synovial joint of the human body located between leg and foot exactly at the meeting point of three bones: tibia, fibula and talus. The tibia and fibula are the two bones that make up the leg, while the talus is one of the seven bones that make up the tarsal group of the foot.

The ankle allows the foot to perform two fundamental and opposite movements: the flexion planto and the back flexion. The flexion planto is the movement that allows you to point the foot towards the floor such as walking on demi-pointe. The back flexion is the movement that allows you to lift the foot and walk on the heels.

Both of these movements require the involvement of different muscles that must be trained to remain strong and resistant and to avoid sprains and dysfunctional attitudes of the ankle and foot.

In reality, thanks to its ligaments, the ankle also enjoys some lateral mobility. This property allows the human being to walk on uneven surfaces.

Such a complex system with many properties has limits that if exceeded can cause stretching or damage to the ligaments of the ankle. By learning how to use the ProArch correctly you will improve the mobility and strength of the ankle, instep and prevent injuries.

The Bodycode System online video tutorials are composed of coded exercises, aimed at improving and perfecting movement.


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