In this Video Tutorial you will learn:

• Exercises aimed at improving the en dehors;
• Development of specific training programs.

The video tutorials offer the possibility of increasing the knowledge and potential of our body while remaining in the comfort of your own home. The seminars aim to introduce the participants basic concepts of the BodyCode System, touching on various aspects such as: strength, endurance, elasticity, joint mobility, coordination, balance, concentration, conscious use of breath and proprioceptive capacity of the person. The exercise program shown in the seminars do not require special equipment and can be carried out in small rooms.

The video will remain available for 5 days after purchase.

The training video tutorial is aimed at all dancers who intend to perfect their technique and who wish to increase their knowledge of the body and its dynamics.

There is no certificate of participation.

The turn out can be an innate physiological capacity, nevertheless it must be consolidated and perfected with specific training.

Insufficient turn out limits the range of motion of the hip and over time can cause serious problems in the knees and back, so it is important to improve the range of motion by strengthening the external rotation muscles with specific exercises. In order to reduce the risk of injury and improve performance.

The Bodycode System online video tutorials are composed of coded exercises, aimed at improving and perfecting movement.

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