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  • Pino Carbone
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    Pino Carbone

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  • In this course you will learn:

    • What constitutes a correct and functional posture and how to achieve it
    • What constitutes a correct placement and how to achieve it
    • Anatomy and general biomechanics;
    • Principles of the BodyCode System®;
    • History of the method and its main benefits;
    • How to run your own class and recognise and treat any disease properly;
    • Development of method teaching skills, through verbal and tactile communication, positions, training exercises, demonstrations, tone of voice, lesson rhythm, mental visualisation, lesson setting (lights, music, essences);
    • Realign joint structures;
    • Reactivate the deep muscles of the pelvic floor, chest and shoulder;
    • Increase spinal proprioception;
    • Harmonise the activity of the small deep paraspinal muscles;
    • Reduce tension in rigid and deformed areas;
    • Improve neurovegetative balance;
    • Acquire a better perception of one’s own body geometry.

    With the Postural Dynamic Auto Re-education Course® you will be able to refine your knowledge with theoretical and practical training on. Teaching takes place online through a video course at the end of which a certificate will be issued which releases the qualification of teacher enabling teaching.

    The Postural Dynamic Auto Re-education® INTERMEDIATE Level course can only be purchased by those who have attended the Postural Dynamic Auto Re-education® BASIC Level course and advanced the studies and teaching practice for a minimum of 40 hours of practice.

    Intermediate Level Teaching Qualification Certificate.

    The video course includes a live zoom exam.

    Without having taken the exam, the teaching qualification certificate will not be issued.

    The exams take place every first Sunday of the month and an email will be sent to you to book your exam.

    We support teachers in training their staff by ensuring the quality of the training, even at a distance. The Postural Dynamic Auto Re-education Online Course is focused on the prevention and treatment of skeletal muscle diseases. For instructors, it is a course that will allow them to teach their students the postures they need to assume on a daily basis in order to perform any movement correctly.

    It is therefore possible to treat and prevent, through the method’s exercises, the most common musculoskeletal discomforts (low back pain, sciatica, back pain, cervical pain, scoliosis, arthrosis, osteoporosis) and circulatory discomforts (varicose veins, venous stasis, hypertension, hypotension).


    The package includes:

    • Intermediate PDAR Video Course
    • Official Manual Intermediate PDAR

    All levels gradually introduce the principles and techniques of this method according to the indications of its founder, Pino Carbone.

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