In this program you will follow:

  • Basic level Postural Dynamic Auto Re-education course
  • Basic level Master Stretch course
  • Sculptor Workshop

Winter session Hours:
• 8 January from 2pm to 5pm first level ARPD + 5.30pm to 8.30pm first level of Master Stretch
• 9 January 2-5 pm second level PDAR +
5-6pm Sculptor class
• 10 January from 2pm to 5pm first level PDAR + 5.30pm to 8.30pm first level of Master Stretch
• 11 January 2-5 pm second level PDAR +
5-6pm Sculptor class
• January 11 2-5 pm first level Master Stretch
• 12 January final exams


The lessons will take place in the Studio Il Vortice in Florence in Via Lambertesca 16.

A sculptor and a set of PDAR balls are included


The Course is for dance teachers, fitness and sports coaches

Certificate of the qualification for Basic Level teaching of Master Stretch and PDAR and a Workshop Certificate of Sculptor.


The Master Stretch® Basic Level Online Course is an extraordinary opportunity to train in this sector which is continually absorbing new professionals. The purpose of the Training is to learn the ability to teach and competently follow the BodyCode System® method by helping practitioners, not only to learn the exercises, but above all to know how to use and teach them in order to get to know their own body better and face a gradual and progressive work of rebalancing.



Approach  Postural Dynamic Auto-Re-education in a methodical and engaging way followed by qualified teachers but from the comfort of your home. The P.D.A.R. it is a training discipline that aims to strengthen the body, shape it, correct posture and improve the fluidity and precision of movements. For the instructor, it is a course through which he will learn how to develop his student’s muscular flexibility, also stimulating the mind to achieve the goal.


Have you ever seen those big bulky home gyms with dozens of exercise machines and outrageously expensive? There will be no more need. The Sculptor is a training device specifically designed to strengthen the inner thighs (adductors) and glutes (glutes and psoas), using a slight resistance in the spring. It also strengthens the muscles of the back, arms, lower abs and chest.

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