In this course you will learn:

• Use of the Large Arch ;
• Principles of the BodyCode System®;
• History and philosophy of the method;
• General anatomy;
• How to manage the class and adequately recognize and treat any pathologies;
• What it is and how to obtain a correct and functional posture
• What it is and how to get a correct placement
• Development of the teaching skills of the method, through verbal and tactile communications, positions, maneuvers, demonstrations, tone of voice, rhythm of the lesson, mental visualizations, setting of the lesson (lights, music, essences);
• Conversion of postural analysis into an individualized work program targeted to the needs of each individual, using the repertoire of exercises according to the level of training.
• Realign the joint structures;
• Reactivate the deep muscles of the pelvic floor, chest and shoulder joint.
• Increase the proprioception of the spine.
• Harmonize the activity of the small deep paraspinal muscles;
• Reduce tension in rigid and deformed districts;
• Improve the neuro-vegetative balance;
• Acquire a better perception of the geometry of your body.

The Large Arch course method P.D.A.R.® for Teachers is in video course mode. Thanks to the online use mode, the course can be followed comfortably from home once the tool is received. Following the course, in case of need, a live video cal can be fixed together with the Master Teacher, so as to meet the different needs of the students. The course is structured on two progressive levels.

The course is aimed at those who have attended an A.R.P.D.® course and obtained the teaching qualification

Teaching qualification certificate.

Life itself is a constantly evolving process and it asks us to be continually updated even with more and more advanced tools. This course allows you to learn something new, tell and discuss the teaching experiences you have had and obtain confirmation that the method has obtained around the world.

The package includes:

  • Large Arch Course Dynamic Postural Dynamic Auto Re-education Method
  • Large Arch Official Manual Postural Dynamic Auto Re-education Method
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