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  • With the Master Stretch® refresher course you can refine your knowledge with theoretical and practical training on:

    The principles of the BodyCode System® according to a progressive and systematic approach.
    The correct use of the tools and the correct execution of the related exercises to achieve results with all types of people.
    The communication skills needed to teach the method correctly.

    In this course you will examine:

    • How to complete a fast and efficient warm-up for the lesson;
    • How to improve flexibility and maximize postural stability;
    • Breathing techniques;
    • Balance and coordination;
    • Strengthening of the muscles and tendons of the legs and back;
    • Correct posture;
    • Mechanical perception;
    • Techniques to reduce muscle cramps, strains, tendonitis and back pain;
    • Coordination and concentration;
    • Stretching of tendons and muscle fibers;
    • Harmony of movement;
    • Lengthening of the meridians;
    • Quality of mood and self-esteem;
    • Angular and linear acceleration;
    • Proprioception;
    • Kinesthesia.

    Il corso offre una formazione professionale corso professionale per apprendere gradualmente i principi e delle tecniche del metodo BodyCode secondo le indicazioni del suo fondatore, Maestro Pino Carbone.

    La didattica si svolge online tramite un video corso al termine del quale verrà rilasciato un attestato che rilascia la qualifica di docente abilitando all’insegnamento

    The course offers a professional training professional course to gradually learn the principles and techniques of the BodyCode method according to the indications of its founder, Maestro Pino Carbone.

    Teaching takes place online through a video course, at the end of which a certificate will be issued that issues the qualification of teacher enabling teaching.

    The Update can only be purchased by those who have attended the ADVANCED Level Master Stretch® course and have obtained the teaching qualification.

    Certificate of Updating of the qualification for Advanced Level teaching.

    The video course includes a live zoom exam.

    Without having taken the exam, the teaching qualification certificate will not be issued.

    The exams take place every first Sunday of the month and an email will be sent to you to book your exam.

    Learning is not always simple and often means that, even when you have applied yourself, a small update is needed. Our training course was created to meet the needs of all teachers who will be able to deal directly with an experienced and certified Trainer.

    After completing the Master Stretch® Refresher Course To maintain teaching qualification The package includes:

    • Video Master Stretch update course
    • Official Master Stretch Manual
    NOTE: You have to pass at least one of these courses before you can enroll this course.
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