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  • Pino Carbone
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    Pino Carbone

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  • In this course you will learn:

    • Anatomy and general biomechanics
    • Principles of the BodyCode System®
    • History of this method and its main benefits
    • How to run your own class and recognise and treat any disease properly
    • Development of method teaching skills, through verbal and tactile communication, positions, training exercises, demonstrations, tone of voice, lesson rhythm, mental visualisation, lesson setting (lights, music, essences)
    • Breathing techniques
    • Balance and coordination
    • Strengthening of muscles and tendons in the legs and back
    • A correct posture
    • Mechanical perception
    • Techniques to reduce muscle cramps, strains, tendinitis and back pain
    • Coordination and concentration
    • Lengthening of tendons and muscle fibres.

    The course offers a professional training course to gradually learn the principles and techniques of the BodyCode method according to the indications of its founder, Maestro Pino Carbone.

    Teaching takes place online through a video course at the end of which a certificate will be issued which releases the qualification of teacher enabling teaching.

    The training programme is aimed at all those who wish to obtain a professional qualification as an instructor and new job opportunities in the field of non-conventional physical disciplines. To access the courses, participants must be over 18 years of age and have sufficient teaching practice.

    Basic Level Teaching Qualification Certificate.

    The video course includes a live zoom exam.

    Without having taken the exam, the teaching qualification certificate will not be issued.

    The exams take place every first Sunday of the month and an email will be sent to you to book your exam.

    MasterStretch® is shaped like a pair of ball-soled shoes, allowing the ankles to swing gently from heel to toe. This tilting movement stretches, relaxes and strengthens the muscles and tendons of the legs and back; reduces muscle cramps, strains, tendonitis and pain; improves balance and coordination by shifting body weight back and forth.

    The method is constantly expanding and requires well-trained instructors. Dynamic and fun stretching is aimed not only at dancers and sports professionals, but is beneficial and effective for everyone, even for those who do not practice sports and lead a more sedentary lifestyle.

    Package Included:

    • Master Stretch® basic video course
    • Master Stretch® video tutorial
    • Six free Master Stretch® tools

    The study program is structured in three progressive learning levels with which it is possible to evaluate and correct motor patterns, re-educate posture in an effective and efficient way, based on the laws of biomechanics with a focus on introspective work, body feeling and perception of the body geometry.

    All levels gradually introduce the principles and techniques of this method according to the indications of its founder, Pino Carbone.

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