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  • Pino Carbone
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    Pino Carbone

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  • In this course you will learn:

    • General anatomy and biomechanics;
    • Principles of the BodyCode System®;
    • History of the method and its main advantages;
    • How to manage your class and properly recognize and treat any disease;
    • Development of teaching skills of the method, through verbal and tactile communication, positions, training exercises, demonstrations, tone of voice, rhythm of the lesson, mental visualization, setting of the lesson (lights, music, essences);
    • Advanced knowledge of anatomy and physiology will help you understand your clients’ physical problems more quickly and effectively;
    • Conversion of postural analysis into an individualized work program focused on the needs of each individual, using a series of exercises based on the level of training.
    • Development of specific general and rehabilitation training programs at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.
    • Breathing techniques;
    • Balance and coordination;
    • Strengthening of the muscles and tendons of the legs and back;
    • Correct posture;
    • Mechanical perception;
    • Techniques to reduce muscle cramps, strains, tendonitis and back pain;
    • Coordination and concentration;
    • Stretching of tendons and muscle fibers;
    • Harmony of movement;
    • Lengthening of the meridians;
    • Quality of mood and self-esteem;
    • Angular and linear acceleration;
    • Proprioception;
    • Kinesthesia.

    The course offers a professional training course to gradually learn the principles and techniques of the BodyCode method according to the indications of its founder, Maestro Pino Carbone.

    Teaching takes place online through a video course at the end of which a certificate will be issued which releases the qualification of teacher enabling teaching.

    The ADVANCED Level Master Stretch® course can only be purchased by those who have attended the INTERMEDIATE Level Master Stretch® course and have deepened their studies and teaching practice for a minimum of 40 hours of practice.

    Certificate of qualification to teach at an advanced level.

    The video course includes a live zoom exam.

    Without having taken the exam, the teaching qualification certificate will not be issued.

    The exams take place every first Sunday of the month and an email will be sent to you to book your exam.

    Thanks to the BodyCode System® method and the use of Master Stretch®, it is possible to stretch all the muscles of the back and legs, creating a wider range of the ankle and increasing the perception of posture and body balance. The exercises are aimed at achieving greater flexibility throughout the body, strengthening muscles and tendons, preventing cramps, tendinitis, muscle tears and back pain.

    Additionally, this particular workout improves coordination, leading to optimal postural stability and better balance. What differentiates the BodyCode System® The teaching methodology is that each member experiences, alternatively, the role of teacher, student and observer: this approach ensures that the person enrolled gains a better understanding of both theory and practice learning with specific sessions on individual equipment.

    Package Included:

    • Advanced Master Stretch® Video Course
    • Master Stretch® video lessons

    All levels gradually introduce the principles and techniques of this method according to the indications of its founder, Pino Carbone

    NOTE: You have to pass at least one of these courses before you can enroll this course.
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