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Bodycode System and Roberto Bolle

Maestro Pino Carbone tells us about his friendship with Roberto Bolle, and the functional recovery with the Bodycode method.

Maestro Pino Carbone tells us about his friendship with Roberto Bolle, and the functional recovery with the Bodycode method.

The professional relationship with Roberto dates back to about 30 years ago. I met him when as a boy, around the age of 18, he was a talent still known only to insiders. Our professional relationship over time has been continuous and his visits to my studio have given me the opportunity to be able to follow him, helping him to maintain his exceptional physical abilities over time thanks to the training methods and equipment that I have developed thanks to the experience past as a dancer and in over 30 years of activity in the field of post-traumatic and postural-dynamic re-education.

In recent years Roberto’s intense artistic activity has prevented him from training with me frequently, so to continue training with my method, the BodyCode, he decided in 2005 to set up his apartment in Milan with my equipment, in particular way Pegasus the flagship equipment of my production.

In November 2009, following a heavy tour and the little time available to recover strength and energy, during the rehearsals he injured his back for which surgery was necessary, not without the risk of not being able to return as before . Roberto’s decision was to move to Florence and be followed by me on a daily basis to recover total back functionality. We started the work aware of the importance of the goal to be achieved and of the difficulties we would encounter along the way. During this intense journey of 8 hours a day of work, there was no lack of sad moments born of physical fatigue and the uncertainty of tomorrow that were largely overcome thanks to the tenacity and modesty, typical of the character of this great artist.

First BodyCode session following the injury:
thanks to both static and dynamic postural tests, a significant imbalance of the musculoskeletal structure clearly emerged following a long physically demanding course aggravated by the intervention. The first observation and logical intervention was to gradually re-balance the physical structure by modifying compromising acquired postural attitudes. To achieve this goal, we worked a lot on Geometrix, an equipment I invented that serves to restore unbalanced alterations in muscle strength and asymmetries of the skeleton. Gradually, day by day, we reached our goal which was not only to strengthen the muscles of the trunk, but above all to create a (balanced) muscle harmony that could withstand great demands in terms of both strength and flexibility. For this specific goal we have worked a lot using the Master Stretch, a small tool with which all tensions related to the posterior muscle chain can be loosened, and the Elvis, another small tool thanks to which it is possible to develop a strong stability of the lumbar spine. strengthening the abdominal muscles.

In the final phase of our work which lasted 3 months, Pegasus was used more, which allowed us to develop a combined program of strength, flexibility and proprioception, allowing us to constantly monitor the asymmetry of the body.
During these months, the directors of the greatest theaters in the world, eager for Roberto’s return to the stage, awaited periodic updates on his physical conditions and forecasts for his return to the stage. These expectations have created a considerable psychological tension to be managed in a moment where time and tranquility are the main elements to obtain a successful result.

With great satisfaction, Roberto’s return to the stage in the midst of his physical and artistic faculties was acclaimed by the public and international critics.

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