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Back pain: causes and remedies

Back pain is the most common ailment of modern civilization. Find out how to get rid of it thanks to Bodycode System!

Over the past 50 years, the population has become increasingly sedentary. According to ISTAT data, it is estimated that in our country over 60% of the population does not do proper and regular physical activity. Nearly 4 in 10 people engage in less than 10 minutes of moderate or intense activity per week.

We are made to move, there is no doubt about this. With a chronic sedentary lifestyle, the human body undergoes a real motor regression, a progressive loss of functional skills that are not only borne by the muscles but also by the heart, lungs, blood vessels, nerves, production of hormones and neurotransmitters .

One of the aspects most affected by this condition is the spine.

Back pain is a well known pain to many people who have to deal with it often. According to a recent US survey, the incidence of back pain after the age of 30 is over 90% and 35% in respondents.

In addition to lack of physical activity, we tend to assume wrong positions. The result is to have, among other problems, also weak and not very toned muscles to maintain a correct posture precisely because they are no longer able to adequately support the spine and the weight of the body.

Just as people take care of themselves, through food choices and good habits, they should also devote the same daily attention to the health of their posture.

The spine is a set of over thirty bones that support the whole body and make it mobile and flexible. To these bones, called vertebrae, are connected ligaments and muscular structures that allow us to carry out all movements and to assume the most complex postures.

Understanding the type of back pain that hit us is important, but it is even more important to know the effective remedies that allow us to defeat it and regain proper posture.

To obtain well-being it is necessary at least to have concrete tools that help us rebalance our body.

Master Pino Carbone, thanks to over thirty years of experience with professional athletes and dancers in the field of motor re-education, has created the Bodycode System®. A postural and motor rehabilitation method far from current approaches to physical training and much more than a simple exercise program.

To stretch, stretch and strengthen muscles and tendons of the legs and back, he has designed MasterStretch®.

Its function is to act on the rear muscle chains, stretching and strengthening them, by means of a tilting action of the foot. It is a deep and comprehensive work that involves legs, arms and especially the back, harmonizing and revitalizing all the muscle-joint areas, helping to prevent the onset of muscle cramps, tendonitis, strains and back pain.

Furthermore, this particular training improves coordination, leading to the achievement of optimal postural stabilization and better balance. Not least benefits are the improvement of the circulatory and lymphatic system, thanks to the pump action of the calves, which improve venous return and lymphatic drainage.

What are you waiting for? Contact us to get rid of back pain once and for all and improve your posture!

Write to, or book a session at 3345867908.

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