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A good teacher: a constantly evolving process

As a teacher you have to guide your students to find exactly the cause of what is holding them back in order to allow them to improve and reach their potential.

Teaching is a process that is based on communication and communication becomes effective the more permeable we are, the more we are able to perceive what the other is feeling and we allow ourselves to absorb a part of it within us. Even during a simple communication in everyday life, we receive impressions and sensations from the other that alter our moods; sometimes even before the other person has opened their mouth to speak!

If we are perceptive, if we are open, if we do not focus only on what we could say as soon as the other has finished speaking, if we allow those in front of us to express themselves and feel truly listened to, we can do something that people rarely do: we build a so-called “effective communication“. This can result in a modification of what we ourselves are feeling and thinking and this is a total enrichment, really, in all fields, but it can also have a hidden side that can put us slightly in difficulty.

We believe that working with people, we hope that for you there are many, involves a gradual loss of the total adherence to the technique you had when you first learned it. Sometimes it can be a small deviation, like losing a sentence from memory that would help the student to bring his attention back to breathing and inner sensations, sometimes it can translate into something more gross. In fact, it happens that teachers who participate in refresher courses have the feeling of discovering something new just because over the course of a year of work with the students, some things have slightly changed in their memory.

Sometimes, however, it may be that during the initial training course your attention simply waned while a concept was being explained and that you were not able at that moment to fully retain the information given. Nothing serious or strange. However, in our opinion, it becomes essential to have the opportunity to listen to the course again in order to fill any small gap. This alone would be enough to make us give the right value to the refresher courses of the technique. We then add the fact that Maestro Pino Carbone is constantly evolving and that students and instructors with different pathologies pass before their eyes every day … well he is, thanks to the experience he lives daily at the Vortice (BodyCode Main Center in Florence ), may have something useful to advise us during the new refresher course: it can allow us to learn something new, tell us about new experiences he has had, new confirmations that the method has obtained around the world.

Life itself is a constantly evolving process and it asks us to be continually updated. The people we care about (partners, children, parents, brothers and sisters, friends and colleagues) need our attention and dedication because they change and, if we do not want to risk not recognizing each other in a few years, it is better if we try to bring our gaze to them and what is happening in their lives. The BodyCode also needs attention.

The BodyCode also changes, because it is alive, just as you change as you practice and teach it. An annual refresher course is necessary because to keep us fresh and focused, motivated again and, why not, to be surprised again by the discoveries we can make. Our body changes during practice, just as you see the body of those who learn our exercises change from you. Who knows what you might be able to take away from a refresher course by living it with the body, emotions and experience you have today: after a year of practice and teaching!

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