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The BodyCode® System professional training course includes a theoretical-practical study. The final objectives of each level are:

Acquiring awareness of one’s body results in a clear perception of its geometry.

The BodyCode, thanks to a careful evaluation of myo-bundle-skeletal imbalances and the consequent compensations, intervenes through a path that acts on the whole body, rebalancing it.

The control of conscious motor action develops the right balance between body and mind.

BCS certified teachers are experts in the movement and know its potential. They are able to decode the complex motor patterns of each individual and correct them through a specific exercise program that improves the functionality of the whole body. 

We often forget that our body is an organism in constant activity and that everything we do, feel and think takes place biologically inside it.

Creating an intimate relationship with your body means acquiring security and self-esteem; by managing and recognizing the messages that the body constantly sends us, we improve the general physical conditions and the relationship with ourselves.

Posture is our business card: before people know who you are, they see how you look.

The posture we habitually assume has a significant influence on our relationship with society and on our health.

Having a well-aligned and balanced body at the skeletal and muscular level allows you to perform movements correctly and effectively without overloading the joints and causing muscle tension.

By functional posture we mean the shape that the body takes to carry out a work / sports activity and a certain movement in a bio-mechanically correct and functional way. 

Breath is the miracle of life. Breathing is an obligatory and fundamental act for the whole organism.

Being an action that we perform more than 20,000 times a day and it helps us eliminate 75% of the toxins that we accumulate daily, it is therefore of fundamental importance to know how to breathe correctly.

By performing proper breathing it is possible to improve oxygenation of the blood by eliminating the accumulation of lactic acid, promote cell regeneration, release muscle tension, correct posture and relax the mind.

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Pino Carbone Creator and founder of the BodyCode System®

Known and respected internationally as an inventor, founder of the Bodycode Method, coach and therapist of many renowned dancers and athletes including Roberto Bolle, Bridgit Brainer, Alessio Carbone, Luca Sbrizzi, Beatrice Carbone, Paul Solon, Alessandro Gamberini and many others

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International Etoile of Dance

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Hilary Cartwright

Dance and yoga for dancers Teacher