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Rehabilitative gymnastic equipment tested through rigorous safety and durability control.

What is the Bodycode System®?

Far from the current approaches to physical training and much more than just a program: it is the method for evaluating and correcting motor patterns.
Maestro Pino Carbone

He designed it in the 90s for professional athletes and dancers and in the field of re-education activities.

The principles of the method

Knowledge of the osteo-articular system, biomechanical laws, new idea of movement and use of equipment.

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Appointments dedicated to updating

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We are very proud of our products and the service we offer.
The testimonials of our customers demonstrate our quality of work and their satisfaction.
I use the BodyCode System equipment and I am fully satisfied with it and I am sure that all the dancers will benefit from this innovative equipment.
Roberto Bolle International Etoile of Dance
Il BodyCode System può migliorare la tecnica del danzatore e prevenire gli infortuni, aumentando e prolungando la loro carriera.
Mikko Nissinen Artistic Director of Boston Ballet
Secondo me Elvis è un attrezzo ingegnoso, versatile e maneggevole per persone di ogni genere.
Hilary Cartwright Dance and yoga for dancers Teacher

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